On the Natisone river banks

Reynoutria japonica: weed plant . . .

The “Japanese knotweed” is a very weed plant that is also found along the banks of the Natisone river… It has very large leaves that form an umbrella, in this way it prevents the sun’s rays from reaching the ground and does not allow the seeds of other plants to develop… this plant reaches a height of 2/3 meters and the snakes find hospitality under it… when the temperature goes below 5 degrees the leaves and stems of the plant lose vigor and die but the rhizome, which is also found 3 meters underground, manages to survive so every year it grows back and occupies new spaces… I think it is very dangerous for the environment and for the native plants…

Poligono del Giappone - pianta infestante
Reynoutria Japonica ovvero Poligono del Giappone… è una puanta asiatica molto infestante…
Poligono del Giappone
Reynoutria Japonica pianta asiatica altamente infestante

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